It is no secret that the more savvy online entrepreneurs are now buying Bitcoins below market price and selling for a profitable spread so when it comes to finding the most trusted Bitcoin exchange some thought has to be given. Why is it so? Simply because many of the sites available have been available online only as of recent. The most reputable platforms still remain unknown to most as the use of Bitcoin is only now ascending. Most people coming to our page surely would be thinking of how to buy Bitcoin online through safe and secure portals.

First thing to consider while you are looking for the top Bitcoin exchange is how safe is the website and the servers it sits on. Reliable exchanges provide translucent data of coins in cold storage. It's also good to pay attention to which currency pairs are available; are you looking to trade Bitcoin in Euros, USD, or other currencies. The largest Bitcoin sites usually have many alternatives for buying bitcoin with government issued currency and alt coins. Secure exchanges that are trustworthy and have good user ratings will rank higher to competitors

Below is a list of the best Bitcoin exchanges: