Compared to conventional mining, Bitcoin mining is a similar process which entails the use of miners who are rewarded for their efforts in relation to the contributed computational power. To put it simply the miners validate transactions the public make and put into a list called a “block”, recorded into a public ledger. The general ledger is the directory of blocks known as the “blockchain”. Each transaction adds to the chain and the miners assist in ensuring that operations are above board and matching a block hash. Each block hash helps to authenticate the subsequent block as a digital authentication process and this is why speed is measured as hashes per second.

Bitcoin mining can be done using an ASIC chip but unfortunately the costs of electricity will far exceed the revenue created. This factor has given advent to cloud mining which is fast becoming an investment option to many who have received returns far higher to the norm. It entails creating pools which compensate in relation to the share owned. Investment plans, payout as fast as within 24 hours. It is a known fact that numerous people are now creating considerable side income far exceeding conventional streams.

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